[ msg; erik ]
   You just want an army of cats at your

   beck and call. Don't think you can fool me.

[ msg; erik ]
   Oh, thank god. It decided I was a hopeless

   victim and left. I really need to remind
   Moira to keep her terrifying cat indoors.

{ T E X T : Charles }
Pulling up now.
You're just a wimp, Charles.
Her cat loves you. I'm 
convinced it thinks you’re a mouse.

                                                 { The sound of a car door falling closed
                                                   can be heard from the street and Erik
                                                   quickly tosses his friend the spare key
                                                   with a sharklike grin. }

              “What if next time I’m busy?”



               ❝Sit all the same, if you please. This 
                is no inconvenience to me.❞

            “…… Thank you. You are
                     a good soul. It’s an 
                     honour to have met


[ msg; erik ]
   Do I even want to know what

   'doing something about it' entails?
   No, no I don't. Don't answer that.

   I don't want to know.

[ msg; erik ]
   No, it doesn't work on animals.

   They're too dumb, I think. And I
   am NOT going to POKE it, Erik,
   I don't have a DEATH wish.

[ msg; erik ]
   It's really rather cold out here for April.

{ T E X T : Charles }
No, you don't want to know. Give
me five minutes. 

{ T E X T }
Staring at it won't help you at all.
Pretend it doesn't exist I suppose.
It's a pity, really. That could be 
very useful if it worked on animals.




        [ He may not be a medical man, but he is certain he’s capable of
        treating minor bruises and cuts. ]

              “I…. Thank you. I do not
                     wish to inconvenience 
                     you, my friend. I think
                     I can…. Take care of
                     this myself.”




                      [ ❁         ;;
                                        “Fuckin’ peachy.”

            ( course not. )

                                        “Whatcha here for, douchebag?”


            “I’m looking for someone. A
                     friend of mine told me
                     she’d be here….”


""We are different men, old friend. We have changed. Though there are some things that will never change, don’t you think? I am truly sorry, but I still have hope."

           ”You have hope for a lost cause.
                   It’d be admirable if you weren’t
                   so naive, Charles. I would have
                   thought you’d know better by now,
                   my friend. Hope brings nothing
                   but disappointment.”



"Let me go!" She struggled all the same, tried to move but she couldn’t, she was pinned to the wall.

            “I said don’t struggle. I’d hate to have to
                       do something about it. Something
                       much more unpleasant. Do keep
                       quiet. The sound of your voice is
                       extremely annoying.”


 [ msg; erik ]
   Then cats must be less intelligent

   than people give them credit for.

 [ msg; erik ]
   Comes with the mutation, it seems.

   You could stay over? It will be
   nearly 3 by the time you get here.

 [ msg; erik ]
   Oh dear god, it's coming closer.

{ T E X T : Charles }
I'm stuck at this red light.
I'm going to do something about it.
I suppose I'll stay over. Seems like
there's no point going home after the
drive down here.

{ T E X T }
Cats are very intelligent Charles.

{ T E X T }
Poke it with a stick. Or pet it. 
It just wants your affection, 
Charles. Can't you use your 
special talent to make it go away?
Or does it not work on animals?