[ The point was that Erik wasn’t a man she knew.
She’d grown up with Max, loved and adored him.
She’d curled into his side in the dead of night, when she was
too afraid of the dark, or when she couldn’t quite make her
nightmares stop. She’d laughed with him and made memories
from a pile of ash. They’d lived when neither of them
thought they would. And in changing his name, it was like he
was erasing more than the sins of his past. More than the
heartache and the sorrow; he was erasing her ]

“I’m not asking you to look at the world
through rose tinted glasses. I’m just asking
you to be careful. Caution isn’t the same as fear. ”

[Except it was. At least in this case. Erik may not have
been scared, but Magda was. She worried about her old
friend, about the closest thing she had to family making
reckless decisions he couldn’t take back. He professed to
want to keep her safe, but what about him? Who was watching
his back and making sure he stayed out of trouble? Who was
going to stand there and stop him from getting himself hurt, or
god forbid, killed?]

“The only one that calls you a scruffy idiot and
demands you stay out of trouble and wash
behind your ears? I know.”

[It may not be the poetic depiction of affection he deserves,
but it’s honest and from the heart when she slips back into old
habits and teases him through what she knows is serious. She
should be there at his side, if that’s what he needs. The one to stomp
in puddles and drag him to dance in the downpour. She’d sworn a vow
after all hadn’t she? Even if not as his wife, then as a friend, she owed it to him. ]

"I’d say you were a genius then, but spend the rest of the
evening wishing I hadn’t, because I know it’d stoke your ego
and you’d be forever gloating. I think I can stretch to that though.
For old time’s sake. There’s a few things we need to discuss anyway
and life’s always easier with a little chocolate courage.”

                                                   { Erik pondered on their childhood
                                                     for a moment. Happier times. 
                                                     Better times. Even when things
                                                     were rough, they had each other. 
                                                     All the bitterness of her inevitable
                                                     abandonment had long since 
                                                     faded, leaving Erik with memories
                                                     he locked far far away until he felt
                                                     that he should need them again.
                                                     Honestly, he’d thought they’d
                                                     gone for good, but seeing Magda,
                                                     standing there, talking with him, 
                                                     demanding he grow up, to not
                                                     be reckless, to be safe, and to
                                                     above all have fun, be youthful,
was almost more than he could
                                                     bear. Erik offered a gentle look of
                                                     assurance and took her hand in
                                                     the familiar way he had so long
                                                     ago. }

    “I’d tell you not to worry, though I feel
      my words may be lost on you. You’ll
      worry anyway…” 

                                                   { Her words drew a smile from the
                                                     oddly stoic face of Erik, lips 
                                                     turning up at the ends, and a bout
                                                     of laughter threatened to erupt. 
                                                     Instead, a chuckle was born and
                                                     Erik smiled softly at her knuckles.}

    “I am a genius, and I do need my ego
      stoked. No one likes to stoke it anymore.
      Perhaps for the same reasons you don’t…

                                                   { Erik felt as though glossing over
                                                     the comment about his ears was
                                                     probably for the best. How long
                                                     had it been anyway? For a only 
                                                     a moment, Erik’s thoughts settled
                                                     on Charles. He’d filled a hole he
                                                     wasn’t aware he still had. They
                                                     could share the space, he thought
                                                     that they had to. Maggie was
                                                     there first. Erik blinked slowly, 
                                                     head clearing of those thoughts as
                                                     he gestured, waving his arms in
                                                     both directions. }

    “My treat. What are you in the mood for?”

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For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

- Vincent van Gogh



                      breath hitches as his name escapes erik’s lips.

                      charles’ eyes are wide, lips red, and surprise
                      stretches across his face in a way that it hasn’t
                      in a long time. the shock of the kiss mingles with
                      elation and pride at erik’s most recent achievement,
                      and charles isn’t quite sure how to deal with the
                      sudden influx of emotions.

                       he catches snippets of rampant surface thoughts
                       radiating from erik’s mind. they are chaotic and
                       controlled, somehow oxymoronic in their very
                       essence. a startled laugh bubbles it’s way out
                       of his throat, hands
dropping from shoulders to
                       wrists as the aftermath falls over them.

                                               ❝ That was
                                                 unexpected. ❞

                        it is hard to surprise a telepath, but erik has
                        managed to do just that. charles’ own heartbeat
                        is loud in his ears,
and blue eyes examine erik’s
                        own with curiosity and confusion.

                  the major question, however, is charles?
                  is charles— upset? erik’s mind is a mess
                  of emotions, conflicting and fighting to be
                  addressed. beautiful charles. soft charles.
                  more kisses? no no. christ, erik. you’ve 
                  messed this up, you idiot… ethereal thoughts
                  swim through the buzzing that is the surprise
                  of his actions that seems to be the underlying
                  emotion at present. the fingers on his shoulders
                  move to brush over his friend’s cheeks, even
                  as he laughs, a wide, pleased grin passing 
                  over erik’s features as well. still, unable to
                  quite respond, the other simply stares for a 
                  moment or two before he too is chuckling, nodding
                  as his fingers moved to cup the sides of charles’

                  unexpected for both of them. erik had thought of
                  kissing charles before, but had, until a few moments
                  ago deemed it inappropriate. perhaps charles would
                  not like to be kissed by him anyway. erik’s mouth
                  was dry, but it wasn’t altogether unpleasant. charles
                  didn’t seem too upset by the kiss in any case and 
                  erik was thankful for that. he cleared his throat.

                                      “Mmh… Indeed… And, I
                                                 should very much like
                                                 to do it again. If you don’t
                                                 mind of course…”

                  erik internally cringed. there was no need to ask in
                  such a way. or at all. but if charles said yes— or…
                  nothing at all… or— erik should probably sit down
                  before he gives himself an aneurism. everything was
                  upside down and charles looked so wonderful, and
                  happy and erik wanted to see more of that.


battlefield smoke | Jack Henriques


battlefield smoke | Jack Henriques

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